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bath armsBATH UKIP is the voice of UKIP in the Bath constituency.

Our members are part of UKIP Bath & North East Somerset Branch.

We campaign energetically all across Bath to restore sovereignty to Great Britain by leaving the European Union

welcome to bath smallWe are the “party of out” and we advocate complete withdrawal from the European Union. We believe the costs of EU membership are excessive; the organisation is undemocratic, it imposes laws upon us without our consent and prevents our elected representatives from controlling who comes into our country.

  • Say No to the EU and remove its burden of bureaucracy on small businesses
  • Say No to the EU to protect British rights, obligations, culture and identity
  • Say No to the EU harmonising healthcare which will undermine our NHS
  • Say No to the EU and recover our freedom to make independent global trade deals
  • Say No to the EU and regain our right to determine our national immigration policy
  • Say No to the EU and restore our right to decide British laws and regulations
  • Say No to the EU and set Britain free from costly EU laws and directives
  • Say No to the EU and set our government free to make financial savings for British consumers
  • Say No to the EU to run our national economy without outside interference

UKIP wants to replace the European Union with a free-trade agreement without a political union (similar to Norway and Switzerland).

Our campaign and policies are geared to achieving a new relationship with the EU which is free from foreign political interference but we want to engage fully with the EU in the economic aspects.

We believe that membership of the European Union is bad for Bath. Although there is a good case for trading with Europe, there is no merit in allowing the European Union to govern us.

There is no such thing as EU money”. Any money we receive from the EU in Bath is nothing more than a recycled portion of our own money coming back to us. The reality is that contributions from the British taxpayer amounting to 55 million each day, pay for every single “EU funded” project.

say no to eu2UKIP believes leaving the EU will enable us to develop new global trade links and create new jobs. Outside the EU, our country will be free to negotiate our own trade deals. UKIP opposes flawed deals (such as TTIP) being negotiated on our behalf by an unelected EU Trade Commissioner. While we remain in the EU, Switzerland can make better free trade deals than we can in Bath. We believe the alternative is to build up our trading links with the Commonwealth, the wider world and emerging markets as well as Europe.

vote noBritain is an over crowded island. While we remain in the EU, our borders are completely open. The EU prevents us from choosing who comes in and who stays. UKIP believes that the British people, and the British Parliament in Westminster, should have the right to determine our own immigration policy. In the last 30 years an increasing population has made its mark on both the urban and rural landscape. England is now the most densely populated country in Europe. We now have more people per square mile than China, Japan or India. Britain has an official population of nearly 64 million – increasing at an unprecedented rate and putting an unsustainable strain on the fabric of the UK. This video tells you more…..

While we remain in the EU, the British Parliament does not have freedom to decide on our own laws. From agriculture to commerce, foreign aid to business, criminal justice to transport, our own Parliament in Westminster should be taking the final decisions. By leaving the EU, our Parliament would be able to say “no” to EU Directives and would therefore be able to avoid making bad laws.

While we remain in the EU, its mountains of red-tape and bureaucracy place unacceptable demands on Bath’s small businesses. Large multi-nationals can and do shape EU legislation to gain a competitive advantage but smaller businesses do not have the resources to make their voice heard. The result is that our small businesses struggle under the burden of EU bureaucracy. By leaving the EU, UKIP will be taking the side of Bath’s small businesses.

What does “fundamental change” in our relationship with the EU actually mean? Watch this video and see why Cameron’s negotiations will not lead to fundamental and legally binding change in Britain’s relationship with the European Union.


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